Legal advice in international business

Schlaich Dauss

Schlaich Dauss  is an experienced partner for investments and German origin entrepreneurs in Spain. Its main focus of work is the Energy Sector and all of its value chain, from strategic reasoning and decision making to day to day operations. Schlaich Dauss is not alone but has strong alliances to provide a wide and multidisciplinary service.

Also, the firm Schlaich Dauss, with the help of its technical allies, is dedicated to the monitoring of long and complex contractual relations, such as the development of projects and construction contracts between Spanish and German companies. Schlaich Dauss represents the interests of one of the parties throughout the contractual relationship in order to manage and control risks in a forward-looking manner, to ensure a strong evidentiary position and, above all, to avoid disputes.

It is necessary to emphasize the technical-legal approach of an experienced team. Contract Management preserves and increases the value of the ongoing project because we know that conflicts and litigation destroy value.


  • Strategy: Strategic advice for investors in energy projects and entrepreneurs: what can be done in the Spanish market and how to make it?
  • Development: Collaboration and support in the strategic and practical development of energy investment projects as well as in the business roll-out.
  • Energy Law: Legal and contractual energy support – regulation, civil-contractual, Contracting Energy, Contract and Claim Management in energy projects.
  • Representation: Representation against third parties such as project partners, suppliers and the administration.