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Rosa María Ramos Belmonte

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Rosa María, is a lawyer with more than 25 years of experience in civil law, both extrajudicial and judicial. She is particularly active in the field of debt recovery and late payment. Her collaboration with various law firms has enabled her to represent the interests of both companies and private individuals before the Spanish courts, both nationally and internationally.

Her professional relationship with a German law firm in Frankfurt am Main has also given her a comprehensive legal perspective and great negotiation and conflict resolution skills. She stands out for her commitment and responsibility towards her clients.

She completed various courses and postgraduate studies specialising in different areas of law, which provided her with a multidisciplinary foundation enabling her to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the matters she handles. She continues to participate in various courses and seminars due to her desire for constant training and growth.

Rosa María holds a law degree from the University of Barcelona and a diploma from the Roda Ventura School of Professional and Legal Practice, having passed the professional examination as a lawyer. She has completed a postgraduate course in German private law at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and in nullity, separation and divorce at the Universitat de Barcelona.