Legal advice in international business

Roger Ventura Jariod

600 830 Ariadna

Roger, graduated in Law from the University of Barcelona and of the Master’s Degree in Access to the Legal Profession from the “Abat Oliba C.E.U.” University, joined DAUSS in 2023 through the firm’s internship program. His career in the legal world has been marked by his commitment and proactive attitude.

Since joining, Roger has been part of the dynamic team of the Litigation department at DAUSS. His dedicated approach has allowed him to expand his knowledge, with a special focus on litigation law. In addition, he has actively collaborated in advising on public-administrative matters and in the Energy department.

With an analytical and pragmatic vision, Roger approaches legal challenges with precision and meticulousness. His ability to provide clear and reasoned answers to the issues raised reflects his commitment to good legal practice.