Legal advice in international business

Patricia Toro Lozano

600 830 Ariadna

Patricia is a lawyer with expertise in administrative law, specialized in Public Procurement and Environmental Law. She earned her Law degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, where she was awarded the Extraordinary Award for her class. She then completed a master’s degree to qualify for the bar at the same university and also pursued a master’s in Public Procurement at the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, finishing both with the highest honors.

Throughout her professional career, Patricia has advised and successfully defended the interests of national and international companies in public tender processes as well as in other areas of administrative law, such as securing environmental licenses and permits, administrative patrimonial responsibility, and urban law. She has supported these firms throughout all phases of proceedings, representing them against the administration and various judicial bodies.

Thanks to her prior experience as an in-house lawyer, she offers comprehensive advice to clients from a business-oriented perspective.