Legal advice in international business

Martí Andrés Bernad

600 830 Ariadna

Martí is a lawyer specializing in civil and commercial law. During his professional career he has advised and represented numerous clients, both individuals and companies from different sectors (automotive, financial, insurance or logistics, among others), mainly in matters of contracting, civil liability, corporate and corporate legal audit.

His previous experience in a renowned international law firm allowed him to develop a great capacity for analysis and conflict resolution, as well as the possibility of dealing on a daily basis with clients mainly from the Anglo-Saxon and German markets.

Graduated in Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Barcelona, Martí completed the Master’s Degree in Access to Law from the Open University of Catalonia, in collaboration with the Illustrious College of Lawyers of Barcelona (ICAB). He also completed a Master’s Degree in Sports Management and Legal Skills taught by ISDE Law & Business School, thus acquiring knowledge about the provision of services to the different actors in the world of sport from a civil, corporate, labor and administrative perspective.

Martí stands out for his ability to work, organize and adapt to the different legal challenges in defending the interests of his clients, as well as for his high capacity for resolution and critical thinking.