Legal advice in international business

Uri Geigle

681 1024 Ariadna

Throughout his career Uri Geigle has advised numerous clients with regard to different facets of commercial and company law. His constant curiosity has allowed him to provide his clients, who like to stress his perspicuity and his commitment to the day-to-day aspects of business, with a service that is both friendly and high quality.

Uri Geigle has successfully provided advice in relation to numerous M&A’s, financing rounds and joint-ventures at an international level, and has also demonstrated his professional solvency on the basis of consultations related to all manner of commercial, financial and guarantee contracts and agreements.

Special mention must also be made of his legal skills in other areas, such as corporate real estate and inheritance law.

Uri has been included in the international directory BEST LAWYERS (Spain) in the category of Mergers and Acquisitions (Edition 2024).