Legal advice in international business


Júlia Canals Feliu

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Júlia graduated from Law and Journalism by Pompeu Fabra University, where she also completed a Master’s Degree in Law. Her professional experience lies in defending the interests of individuals in the civil field and, in particular, in the field of Family Law, having joined the firm’s litigation department.

Paula Gómez Sarabia

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Paula holds a degree in Law from the University of Barcelona and subsequently completed a Master’s Degree in Access to The Lawyer’s Profession at the Pompeu Fabra University.

Paula has joined the team in 2022, through the internship program offered by the firm. Currently, she works in the area of Procedural Law, collaborating with the department’s legal team in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.

Furthermore, she has experience with matters like a liability derived from traffic accidents, as well as a complaint for medical negligences.

She has also completed an internship in the courts of l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, which has provided her with a global vision of judicial practice.

Rosa María Ramos Belmonte

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Rosa María, is a lawyer with more than 25 years of experience in civil law, both extrajudicial and judicial. She is particularly active in the field of debt recovery and late payment. Her collaboration with various law firms has enabled her to represent the interests of both companies and private individuals before the Spanish courts, both nationally and internationally.

Her professional relationship with a German law firm in Frankfurt am Main has also given her a comprehensive legal perspective and great negotiation and conflict resolution skills. She stands out for her commitment and responsibility towards her clients.

She completed various courses and postgraduate studies specialising in different areas of law, which provided her with a multidisciplinary foundation enabling her to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the matters she handles. She continues to participate in various courses and seminars due to her desire for constant training and growth.

Rosa María holds a law degree from the University of Barcelona and a diploma from the Roda Ventura School of Professional and Legal Practice, having passed the professional examination as a lawyer. She has completed a postgraduate course in German private law at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and in nullity, separation and divorce at the Universitat de Barcelona.

Dr. Miquel Mirambell Fargas

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As an expert in company law, Miquel Mirambell Fargas advises international clients on their corporate operations in Spain. His education and practice as a lawyer both in Germany and Spain enable him to effectively represent the interests of international, mainly German-speaking clients. As a specialist in international litigation and arbitration, in addition to other ADR, Miquel advises clients on the resolution of disputes, especially of a cross-border nature, and represents clients in court proceedings.

Miquel Mirambell Fargas holds a PhD in law from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF, Barcelona) and is lecturer in commercial law at the Universitat de Barcelona (UB). He is the author of numerous scientific articles and has been a visiting scholar at the Universität Basel and the Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht in Hamburg. After completing his LL.M. at the Bucerius Law School (Hamburg) specializing in business management, Miquel worked for several years as attorney in the international arbitration department of a renowned American law firm in Frankfurt am Main.

Mónica Calderón Sopena

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Mónica has participated in all kinds of legal proceedings in civil and commercial matters, with express legal counsel in the courts and tribunals. Specifically, she has advised and defended the interests of both individuals and entrepreneurs, as well as companies from different sectors (financial, construction, hotels, corporate dispute, rental contracts, etc.), specialising also in consumer and user claims and in drafting all types of commercial contracts.

Thanks to her professional training and her previous experience, she has a complete knowledge for the analysis and resolution of conflicts.

Mónica holds a double Degree in Law and Business Administration and Management by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and a Double Master’s degree in International Business Law and Access to the Legal Profession by ESADE Law School (Universitat Ramon Llull).

Given her interest in always being up to date to being able to offer the best advice to her clients, Mónica has completed a course in Compliance and Data Protection.

Mónica has been included in the international directory BEST LAWYERS – “ONES TO WATCH” (Spain) in the category of litigation (Edition 2024).

Núria Brunet Balcells

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Núria is a lawyer specialized in civil and commercial litigation and accompanies, advises and defends her clients in their conflicts within the civil and commercial field, out of court and before the different judicial instances. Specifically, she has advised and defended the interests of both individuals and entrepreneurs, as well as companies from different sectors (financial, pharmaceutical, retail, food, construction, hotels, etc.).

Thanks to her previous experience in renowned international law firms, Núria has developed a great capacity for analysis and conflict resolution, and stands out for her responsibility and commitment to the client.

Núria holds a degree in Law and a Master’s degree in Business Tax&Legal specialization from ESADE Law School (Universitat Ramon Llull). Núria also completed the Master’s for Access to the Legal Profession also at ESADE Law School (Universitat Ramon Llull), having obtained an Honorable Mention in Procedural Law, her specialty.

Given her interest in always being up to date with the objective of being able to offer a global and dynamic advice to her clients, Núria has completed a specialization in Economic Criminal Law (White-Collar Crime Law) and Compliance and has taken a course on Criminal Law of New Technologies.

Nuria has been included in the international directory BEST LAWYERS – “ONES TO WATCH” (Spain) in the categories of Litigation, Civil Law: general practice and Medical malpractice litigation (Editions 2023 and 2024).

Andrea Fandos Jahrsetz

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Throughout her career Andrea has defended the interests of both companies and individuals, in legal processes related to international purchase and sale contracts, as well as distribution, agency and transport contracts and agreements. Likewise, she has also provided consultancy services to individuals and companies related to questions of intellectual and industrial property, and data protection.

She has taken part in start-up financing rounds and in the drafting and assessment of commercial contracts. Over the years, Andrea Fandos has worked with clients of many different nationalities and has, as a result, developed a particular sensitivity with regard to an adequate understanding of her clients’ concerns.

Her multi-disciplinary experience, combined with her studies at ESADE (IP & IT Masters) is a guarantee of her ability to provide her clients with an overall assessment as well as her capacity to anticipate their doubts and concerns.

Andrea has been included in the international directory BEST LAWYERS – “ONES TO WATCH” (Spain) in the category of Litigation (Edition 2024).

Iván Mateo Borge,

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Iván Mateo has successfully represented numerous clients, throughout his career, whether companies and individuals and in both the civil and commercial courts. From simple payment claims to more complex company affairs, including contractual liability and non-contractual liability, right to personal honour, inheritance law and real estate law.

Iván Mateo is an expert in litigations with an international scope and acts as a consultant on questions related to Catalan civil law and bankruptcy law. He has frequently acted on behalf of both the creditors in insolvency proceedings as well as the administrators of insolvent companies.

Iván Mateo has also served as a substitute judge in civil courts, he is a Professor at the University of Barcelona and ISDE, he holds a scholarship at DAAD and “La Caixa” and has carried out several research stays at the Forschungsstelle für internationale Privatrechtsgeschichte of the Eberhard karls Universität Tübingen. He currently maintains his links with education and research institutions by teaching civil law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Iván has been included in the international directory BEST LAWYERS (Spain) in the categories of Litigation (Editions 2021 to 2024) and Product liability (Edition 2024).